Convicted ISI mole Ghulam Nabi Fai seen at the press conference of Pakistan’s Foreign Minister in New York in Sept 2019

I unearthed this during the #Article370 withdrawal but forgot to write about it. This is from the official FBI archives, detailing the case of a man in 2011, Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai, a 62 year old U.S. citizen and resident of Fairfax, Va., who plead guilty to conspiracy and tax violations in connection with a decades-long scheme to conceal the transfer of at least $3.5 million from the government of Pakistan to fund his lobbying efforts in America related to Kashmir. Fai’s alleged accomplice, Zaheer Ahmad, is a prominent Pakistani-American who owns hospitals in Pakistan, and has alleged ties to Osama Bin Laden. Justice departmentsaid that Pakistan’s scheme was to pay more than $4 million funneled from ISI to sway U.S. politicians and policy on Kashmir. 

Fai mingled with America’s top politicians, and met former President Bill Clinton and drew 32 members of Congress to his annual conference on Kashmir. Fai grew up outside Srinagar listening to Pakistani speeches on the radio. “By 1965, India and Pakistan were again at war over Kashmir, and Fai recalled watching his family slaughter sheep and chickens then taking food and clothes to Pakistani soldiers hiding in the forest.” Fai joined the Jamaat-e-Islami, a Islamic militant group, while in college. He chanced opon an Islamic cleric that worked at the ka’aba, and invited him to a conference being held by the JeI. Fai and the imam of Kaaba played a pivotal role in introducing the strict Saudi version of Islam to Kashmir, which traditionally had been less orthodox. He fled to US to escape being arrested for treason in India and joined Islamic studies at Temple university, where the International Institute of Islamic Thought was founded (which later came under investigation in a federal probe into terrorism funding) 

At Temple, he joined the ISI, became president of the Muslim students association of US&Canada (Saudi funded division of Muslim brotherhood), and Islamic society of North America. “in 1989 the ISI picked Fai to run the Kashmiri American Council because he had no overt ties to Pakistan. Similar groups were set up in London and Brussels, the FBI said. Incorporation documents filed in Maryland in April 1990 show Fai was one of three people who established the Kashmir center” and over the next 20 years, became the face of the Kashmir separatist cause in the US.

“In 1993, Fai wrote President Clinton about the suffering of Kashmiris, winning news coverage when Clinton wrote back. In 1996, Fai met Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole at the Republican National Convention. In 2000, he met Clinton in Chicago, just before Clinton visited India. In 2004, Fai testified in front of Burton’s subcommittee hearing on human-rights abuses in Kashmir. Each year, starting in 2003, Fai co-hosted a Kashmir peace conference, usually on Capitol Hill. The 2007 conference drew Pitts, a dozen other members of Congress and Pakistani dignitaries, as well as a handful of Indian and Indian-American human-rights activists and scholars.” Fai admitted that he had been affiliated with the ISI for 15 years. 

Fai was released from prison in 2013. He continues to be Pakistan’s face for anti-India propaganda on Kashmir in the United States (except now out in the open). Pakistan PM Imran Khan also met a delegation of Kashmiri leaders led by Ghulam Nabi Fai in the US. The meeting was held at Roosevelt Hotel, New York with Pakistan’s FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to UN Maleeha Lodhi also attending the meet.

Putting all this into perspective gives us all an understanding of the sort of powerful nexuses that exist internationally to act against Indian interest. Media propaganda is a well-oiled machine, fueled heavily by Saudi and Qatari wealth, is perpetually acting against Indian interests.  I presume its all part of the muslim brotherhood, or ummah’s incessant and persistent effort to pit India’s sizable muslim population against their own country, and cause disunity and havoc in India. Why else is cross border terrorism from Pakistan funded by them? We don’t realize it while safe in our homes everyday, but India has a substantial security threat from Pakistan and Bangladesh, and more recently from extremists in Kerala, Kashmir, and Tamil Nadu. Constant vigilance! (Harry Potter reference, iykyk)


Indian “journalists” and “human rights activists” attended Fai’s Kashmir separatist meetings for years. He would sponsor flight tickets and expensive hotels and they would go back and write about this rabid Pakistani agenda in Indian media as if it were “humanitarian” of them.

One of the Indians mentioned was Angana P. Chatterji, a “human rights activist” and “feminist historian” (whatever that means). She wrote a book titled ‘Kashmir: The case for freedom’. Sometimes I wonder how greedy and immoral someone has to be to push so vehemently, Islamic agenda in our great country that never hurt a fly. But I realize, not that much. People such as these are aplenty, and can be bought for 500 rupees and a victim card. 

Here are the official FBI archives

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